Meat-lovin’ Aussies: What meats different states prefer

We Aussies love our meat. In fact, we’re amongst the top consumers of meat in the world.

Meat undoubtedly holds a central position in the diets of many Australians.

But have you ever thought that what state or region you live in may influence what meat type you prefer, purchase and eat?

Figures released in 2016 suggest that lamb is most popular in NSW, while Western Australia has a greater taste for pork than anywhere else in the country.

The ACT has the biggest appetite for meat, with just over half of respondents eating five or more meat-based meals a week.

So, what’s popular in South Australia?

According to Adelaide Now, South Aussies are turning to game meats, particularly kangaroo, as an alternative to traditional red meats. (We’ve also got a pretty good reputation for all things food and wine!).

While it’s fascinating to observe these meat-eating trends, it’s also worth considering why these regional differences occur.

Here are our thoughts about why some meats are preferred in some states as opposed to others:

  • Access and availability of different types of meats. For example, crocodile is rarely seen on menus except in the Northern Territory due to their being mostly found in the waters around the Top End.
  • The cost of different meats in different areas. Chicken is faster to produce than beef, carries a cheaper price tag and is therefore purchased often. On the other hand, locally produced meat may be cheaper for residents living in that area tather than those it has to be freighted to.
  • The geographical location. Coastal residents tend to naturally prefer fish as they are close to the source, whereas those living inland tend not to serve fish as often.
  • The prevalence of health advisers giving advice for or against a certain meat type.  Chicken is often touted as being a healthier option than red meats in metropolitan areas, whereas those living close to farming areas may choose to by ‘local’ rather than relying on outside advice and buying meat that has been produced further afield.
  • Religious or cultural beliefs.  Certain cultures avoid pork and pork products, while others eat only a little meat in line with their cultural cuisine habits.

No matter where you live or what the type of meat you choose to eat, the fresh meat that is produced in Australia really is amongst the best in the world 🙂

What about you?

Is kangaroo regularly on your menu? What factors determine the types of meat you purchase and serve?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!