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Meaty Morsels

Making Meat Simple, One Tip at a Time

What is Meaty Morsels?

There is simply a plethora of advice on the internet about every aspect of meat – from purchasing right through to serving.

But sometimes there is too much of a good thing … too much information, too much jargon, too much fuss.

We wanted to provide you with small, simple, actionable tips about meat.

Things that really make a difference to your enjoyment of preparing and eating meat dishes. Ways to impress your friends. Tips that will make you head towards the kitchen or BBQ, not away from it.

Think of Meaty Morsels as Meat 101 – Making Meat Simple, One Tip at a Time.

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How will Meaty Morsels help me?

As meat eaters, most of us prepare and cook meat several times a week.

If you’re like us, you’re overloaded with information about … well everything.

You need just one small tip that you can digest at a time (pun intended), rather than a belly full of information that will give you a feeling similar to over-eating.

It is our hope that by reading and remembering some of these meat-flavoured tips, you’ll gain confidence and enjoyment in the kitchen when preparing, cooking, serving and storing your meat.

How often will I get Meaty Morsels?

You’ll receive your copy of Meaty Morsels as part of our monthly newsletter.

And because it’s such a digestible amount, just a taste, you’ll be ready and waiting for your next mouthful when we send it.

So friends, meat is on the menu –
in a portion size that’s just perfect for savouring!


Why did you introduce Meaty Morsels?

What’s the idea behind Meaty Morsels?

We produce and market our organic meat ourselves. Similar to the questions asked of local butchers, our customers ask for advice on cuts, preparation and storage of their meat.

The topics covered in Meaty Morsels represent themes that we periodically discuss with our friends and customers.

Rather than having to remember the details of the conversation, these tips are written down so you can save, print and refer to them when it suits you.

What credentials do you have to provide such advice?

We don’t have any formal training in food science and we’re not professional chefs.

But, we have a hungry family (including 4 growing boys, and 3 girls who keep their brothers in line!) and we love to cook and find fuss-free ways to prepare food.

We’d love to share with you the valuable tips we have discovered along the way.

While we don’t know everything about cooking meat, we’ve learned that many old wives’ tales prevail … especially in the area of cooking meat. We’ve fallen for the idea that … hang on, you’ll have to wait and read about the myths in our series of Meaty Morsels!

So, we’ve launched Meaty Morsels, a monthly titbit that will land on your tab-plate right when you need it.

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