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Terms & Conditions


To be able to successfully place a Meat Order with us:

You must be able to pick up your order at the Collection Point on the day and time detailed at checkout.

You must be willing to pay a 50% deposit based on the estimated value of your order.

Your final invoice will reflect the listed weights and prices of each item. Price adjustments will only be made if the final weights lie outside the +/-2% to +/-5% range of each product.

Your freight costs are an additional charge (excluding local collection).

Freight costs are payable in full when you place your order.

We recommend that you peruse our policy statements if you have not yet done so. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form if you have any questions. You can return to the home page to see all we offer.


To be able to successfully enjoy your CSA Membership share:

You must be a resident of South Australia, Mildura or Broken Hill.

You dedicate yourself as a customer for the whole CSA season (until November 2018).

You understand the concept of ‘shared risk’ and support your farmers regardless of the season 1.

You pay the amount required monthly via manual or automatic methods.

You collect your order as indicated on the delivery calendar, or nominate someone who will do this on your behalf.

You pay freight costs, which are an additional charge (excluding local collection).

1 You understand that farming offers challenges, including reduced livestock birth rates and limited feed sources during dry seasons. This may impact the weight of the meat pack you receive.