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We know that our customers are the very core of our business, and to this end, we strive to do our very best to ensure a quality organic product at affordable prices.

While farming can be a very tough and a somewhat isolating job, we’re really encouraged when we receive feedback like this …. sometimes it quite literally makes our day

If you’ve got something to share about your experience in purchasing from us, we’d love to hear from you!

I can’t think of an easier way to keep my freezer full of beautiful, ethical meat. A once off order, deliveries throughout the year and easy monthly payments … can’t get more practical (and stress free) than that!”

(Corinna, Craigmore)

Border Park Organics has meat that’s second to none and are a family of integrity that we are honoured to support”.

(Andrea, Highbury)

A small price to pay to guarantee top quality, organic meat for the year with payments deducted monthly so budgeting is a breeze!”

(Shelley, Parafield Gardens)

Border Park Organics provide us with the best, most affordable and convenient way of keeping our freezer full of ethical meat”.

(Jess and Danny, Whyalla)

I have joined the membership because I love your meat ! And its so great for meal planning when having my freezer stocked.”

(Renee, Waikerie)

Your new approach is exciting and I hope that it works well for you. It’s very well done too!”

(Darryl, Loxton)

Thank you for the wonderful lamb. We have enjoyed the new meat already, with some going into the freezer. The mince is lovely – we used a kilo for bolognaise sauce, but I am particularly looking forward to making meatballs and also Shepherd’s Pie. For Mother’s Day I treated the grandparents to a shoulder which I slow roasted in our combustion heater oven compartment. It was dressed with garlic, olive oil, thyme and lemon juice (Greek style). The meat just fell off the bone and was served with char-grilled vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, sweet potato and capsicum), couscous and tzatziki – delicious! The idea came from a friend and I will definitely be repeating it! Thanks again for providing our family with delicious, nutritious, affordable organic meat.
(Karen, Bridgewater SA)

The meat we bought is amazing. We have now had both a lamb meal and beef meal – both were mouth watering. You forget how great meat really does taste! We will definitely be lining up for another order next time and in fact, have been spreading the word so hopefully more of our friends will be ordering as well. The beef is so lean and I was amazed with some of what is a cheaper cut at the supermarket and usually full of fat – yours was only the thin vein. Wonderful! Keep up the great work! Post-script: We just had friends over for a Mother’s Day lamb roast – thoroughly enjoyed not only by the adults but kids too.
(Natalie, Burton SA)

We just had our sausages last night and whilst I was a bit disappointed we only got one lot instead of two … now I am SERIOUSLY disappointed we didn’t get the two lots! Oh my goodness, they would have to be the BEST sausages we have had. Thank you so much they were enjoyed immensely.
(Lyn, Mt Barker SA)



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The meat was really beautifully cut up and presented when it arrived. I was most impressed. We have eaten one meal of chops (mutton) and just pan cooked it for about 40 minutes and it was quite lovely. They boned and rolled some roasts. Quite classy. They also cryovac packed the hearts, tongue and liver, so was not at all messy. Also I’d asked for the legs to be cut into 3 pieces and this was done. Everything was also bagged individually, so other than chops and sausages that I sorted, the rest I could just put in the freezer as it came. Saved a lot of time and effort. You should be pleased with the abattoir that you are using.
(Tamra, Murray Bridge SA)

We love organic chops! Just wanted to let you know we had the most amazing meal of roasted lamb chops for tea tonight. My mother-in-law cooked the chops in her special marinade and it was just delicious. I wish I had taken photos for you. She said to tell you that the chops were excellent quality. Boy, did they taste good!
(Amalia, Craigmore SA)

Many thanks for the great service and the meat is awesome – we had our first BBQ on Sunday and it was delicious!
(Josh, Bendigo VIC)

The meat is beautiful. Very delicious.
(Roger, Maiden Gully VIC)

Thanks very much for the work you are doing! It’s greatly appreciated by us in the city who simply don’t have room for a herd of sheep or cattle!
(Kelly and Geoff, Northgate SA)

My mum cooked up the leg of lamb on Sunday. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a baking tray big enough so she ended up cutting the meat off the bone and roasting it in chunks. And then she roasted the potatoes in the fat off the roast. But she couldn’t believe how little fat there was. It was unbelievably delicious!! Please keep up the good work. We really appreciate the meat!”
(Stephen, Craigmore, SA)

The meat is yum scrum! Really loving it.
(Heidi, Quarry Hill VIC)

Had the leg roast at the weekend, faaaannntaastic!!
(Alex, Bendigo VIC)

God Bless and thanks again for the beautiful meat – have already cooked some amazing steak on the BBQ – sure tastes great when it’s so fresh!
(Anne, Loxton SA)

Thank you so much. I collected the meat … had my first steak for tea the other night …. amazing!
(Mary, Renmark SA)

Dave cooked up a scotch fillet the next day (he wanted to at 11pm that night!!) and it had such a delicious flavour! Yum!!
(Naomi, Waikerie SA)

We loved your sausages.
(Erin, Berri SA)

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