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Collection Points

We have multiple collections points around South Australia.

Below you will find all you need to know about collections points and freight. Want to jump to finding your nearest collection point and the freight costs involved? Click here! 

Where Do I Collect My Meat Order From?

You will be able to select your preferred Collection Point during the checkout process.

An arranged location for an on-the-go pickup
(ie. a carpark).

We suggest you arrive approx 10 minutes early so the subsequent deliveries can keep to schedule.


For On-the-go Pickup, there is no need to phone to confirm your order’s arrival. Drivers will be provided with your mobile number, and if necessary, will contact you with any changes to collection times.

Which Areas Do You Deliver To?

Depending on your location, we have multiple options throughout South Australia.

Please email us if you don’t see a location here that is convenient for you! We’ll explore the possibilities because we love being flexible and giving opportunities to share real wholesome food.


Add your suburb or postal code. We’ll show you the nearest collection point to you, including the collection day and freight cost. Click the More Info link for contact details. Click the Directions link and we’ll guide you all the way. (No results? Widen your search.)


      We’ve arranged our collection points in “clusters” on the map to avoid a cluttered view.
      You can click on a cluster to zoom in for more clarity.

      Some collection points have specific times given for collection. If your collection point has only a day listed, the precise time frame will be emailed to you a few days before your collection date.

      How Do I Pay for Freight?

      You are required to pay your freight costs upfront at the time of ordering and paying your deposit.

      Details of freight costs can be found in the in the map above.


      There are no cash on-collection options.


      How Much will Freight Cost Me?

      Freight costs are $25 per customer


      Can I Choose a Different Collection Day?

      Unfortunately, the short answer is ‘no’. Fridays are the earliest day we can collect from our butcher. Because our meat is sold fresh (not frozen), our aim is for you to collect your meat pack as soon as possible after processing. That’s why we’ve selected Fridays as delivery days.

      If the collection day specified for your collection point isn’t convenient, you may choose to nominate someone else to collect your order on your behalf. Alternatively, you may want to contact us to see if there is another collection day available.


      Why Don’t You Offer Home or Office Delivery?

      Unfortunately, we cannot routinely offer home delivery to any of our customers at this stage.

      As our family manage the delivery run ourselves, we have limited time to complete the run (400km) in one day. Therefore we’ve opted to keep it simple for everyone and offer multiple collection points.


      How is My Meat Transported?

      For many years we’ve used recognised refrigerated transport companies to deliver our meat. 

      Due to rising costs, and the inflexibility of delivery days, we recently decided to manage the deliveries ourselves in our refrigerated van.


      Do you attend Farmer’s Markets in our Area?

      At this stage we’re not set up to attend Farmer’s Markets. If we are able to organise something in the future, we will let you know.


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