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Organic Mutton Online

Choose from our selection of organic mutton online below.

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Yummy Organic Mutton Online

Move over beef and lamb, it’s time to give mutton a share of the limelight!

There certainly is ‘Much Ado about Mutton’. We’re thrilled that it’s now making a modest comeback after many years being out of favour, and is even being featured on menus in fancy restaurants around the globe.

And for good reason. Mutton, the meat from older sheep, is packed full of bold ‘meaty’ flavours, and has just the right amount of fat included to keep you full and energised for hours!

It can be paired with bright herbs and spices (think Middle Eastern or Indian flavours), or left to shine in its own right with just the simplest of seasonings.

With prices starting at $6.95/kg, mutton is so economical that you can afford to eat this red meat every night of the week!

Not only do you get a stack of flavour for your dollar, you’re getting the benefits of selenium and choline (and a host of other minerals and vitamins too), which are beneficial in warding off cancer. Read 12 Reasons Why Mutton is Good for Health.

We understand that mutton can be a ‘new’ taste sensation to some, that’s why we’ve created our smallest pack (1kg mutton mince) …. so you can sample the flavour without making a huge commitment.

And because mutton can easily be used wherever beef, lamb or pork are called for, we’re sure you’ll run out of meat well before you run out of recipes to use it in 🙂

Mutton – it’s part of our commitment to providing meat choices not easily sourced elsewhere.

We encourage you to try our organic mutton – you’ll be glad you did!

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