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Organic Mince Online

Choose from our selection of organic mince online below.



Yummy Organic Mince Online

Mince – it’s got to be one of the most convenient meats to cook. Not only is it versatile and tasty, it’s sooo quick to cook.

This comfortingly familiar cut can be the basis for a simple meatloaf or a gourmet meat pie. And who can resist the smell of mince frying in a pan alongside onion? Yummo!

But mince also allows you to travel the world from your very own kitchen table. It features on menus around the globe, offering culinary delight perhaps like no other cut of meat (think laab, chili con carne, koftas, lasagne, ghoulash, keema, the list is endless).

If you’re keen to start your own ‘food adventure’, our organic mince packs are a great place to start!

Prices start at $14.45/kg (and much less for mutton mince), which is great value for premium 95% lean mince. And depending on the number in your household, you can buy a little or a lot – the choice is yours – with our mince packs ranging from 1kg – 20kg.

While beef mince is definitely our best-seller, if it doesn’t tickle your fancy , then we’ve also got lamb, hogget and mutton mince available. And for the daring, why not opt for an alternative mince type and enjoy the flavour difference?! (Tip: in most recipes mince is interchangeable with another type of mince).

If you’re after an extra bang for your buck (and body), why not check out our ‘Hidden Treasure’ range of ‘boosted’ mince. The ingredients are simple – beef or lamb cuts that are minced together with organ meats. It’s perfect for those wanting to significantly increase their nutrient intake or those following a Paleo, GAPS, AIP or similar eating regime.

Dinner’s really sooo simple when you’ve got mince in the freezer. And when a hearty meal is on the table in minutes, it prompts the question – ‘What’s not to love about mince’?!

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