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Lamb, Hogget & Mutton:
Our New Approach to Sheep Packs

Please note that we have made three (3) specific changes to our member sheep packs for 2018.

You may wonder why?

It’s simply because we’ve realised we need to streamline and improve our livestock handling and admin practices.

1. For the most part, our lamb packs will consist of lamb, but hogget may be included if necessary (both taste yummy!).

Where possible, we’ll do our very best to supply customers with lamb.  However, as the year progresses (and the lambs grow up), we may occasionally include hogget in your order in place of lamb. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the slightly deeper flavour of hogget—which is very similar in taste and tenderness to lamb—and is actually the meat of choice for the majority of our customers.

2. We no longer have hogget as a specific option to purchase.

Each year, all our lambs and hoggets are born within a few months of each other. This means while some are still classified as lambs, others have lost a baby tooth and become a hogget. There is very little (if any) difference in flavour or weight at this point. We’ve even had lambs lose their baby teeth and become classified as hoggets in the days between selection and transport! The extra handling of each individual animal to ‘mouth’ them (literally, to count their teeth!) makes for a long day and a sore back! This is why we’ll be supplying either lamb or hogget.

3. Our  Half and Whole sheep packs will vary in weight throughout the year.

Each animal is unique—some have more muscling, and others grow wool faster—and grow at different rates. We’ve based our member pack prices on average weights for the past few years. Some months you may receive more than the anticipated weight of your pack, and other months, it may be a little less. In order to reduce our admin time, costs for these packs are now charged based on production and processing costs rather than the specific boxed weight of each animal. Where possible, we’ll aim to keep all packs close to their expected weights.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.