Managing Weights: Our New Approach

New Feature: Changes to the Way we Manage Product Weights

The reason for re-designing our site is to incorporate a number of improvements after collating 18 months of feedback. One improvement pertains to the final weighing of a product.

Our goal? To simplify both our customer’s user experience and the administrative process related to  a product’s final weight.

So, what can you expect?

1. When placing an order, the anticipated weight of each product is clearly listed.

You will see this along with the phrase, “Approximate Weight”.

2. Your final invoice will reflect the listed weights and prices of each item. Price adjustments will only be made if the final weights lie outside the +/-2% to +/-5% range of each product.

5% for all Beef under 15kg
3% for all Beef over 15kg
2% for all Beef over 50kg

5% for all Sheep under 10kg
3% for all Sheep over 10kg

Combo Packs
3% for 10kg and over
5% for under 10kg

3% for 10kg and over
5% for under 10kg

3% for 10kg and over
5% for under 10kg

5% for all roasts

The Good Stuff
5% for all Good Stuff items

Okay, let’s illustrate this by way of three examples.

Scenario 1

Let’s say Healthy Hannah orders an Easy Carve Lamb Roast. The product information is listed as follows:

Price: $14.95 per kilogram
Approximate Weight: 1.50kg
Approximate Price: $22.43

Hannah will be invoiced at $22.43 plus freight. A 50% deposit (i.e $11.22) plus freight is due immediately, and the remaining balance ($11.21) is due on final invoice.

Now, let’s say that the roast weighs in at 1.425kg. While the difference is 75g, because it lies within the declared +/- 5% range, the price charged remains $22.43. In other words, Hannah’s final invoice will remain $11.21.

Scenario 2

Let’s say Hannah makes the same order next month. However, this time, the roast weighs in at 1.3kg. The difference this time is 200g less, which is outside the declared +/- 5% range. In this case, the price is reduced to $19.44  ( = $14.95/kg * 1.3kg).

Since Hannah already paid a deposit of $11.22, she will now only be invoiced for $8.22 not the estimated $11.21.

Scenario 3

Let’s say Hannah’s roast weighed in at 1.65kg. The difference this time would be 150g more, which is again outside the declared +/- 5% range. In this case, the price would be increased to $24.67  ( = $14.95/kg * 1.65kg).

Since Hannah already paid a deposit of $11.22, she would now be invoiced for $13.45 not the estimated $11.21.

Why is my final amount payable so different to my previous estimated amount?

Unfortunately livestock aren’t a uniform size and their yields vary for a number of reasons. The weights we list on our website are the best estimates of the average weights that we’ve sold in the past 2 years. Often the actual final weights fall outside this average, sometimes being lighter, and sometimes, weighing more!

On the day of processing, the abattoir staff work against the clock to fulfil our specifications and aren’t in a position to confirm weight differences with us. Unfortunately orders are processed, weighed and sent via refrigerated transport well before we are aware of what each customer receives.

You can be assured however, that we only charge you for the exact amount of meat you receive.

We hope this makes sense.

By implementing this new system, our administrative process is far easier and makes for a simpler final invoice for you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us directly. Your questions are important to us.

All the best,

The McIntosh Family

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