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Will a CSA Membership share suit me?

Should I join as a CSA Member? | Border Park OrganicsWe know what it’s like joining a pioneer idea.

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There’s no proven track record. No one to give you their honest opinion on the products or customer service level. It’s all a bit uncertain (and the word ‘guinea pig’ may spring to mind!). 

Sometimes asking a few honest questions may make things clearer about whether or not to join a new venture.

Here are a few key questions about our new CSA Membership program. We hope they will help you make the best decision for you and your family

We encourage you to take a few moments now to answer these questions – don’t think too hard about your responses, just go with your first thought – and give it a quick ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ 🙂 

  • I enjoy knowing who is growing the meat I eat
  • I want to purchase quality meat, but don’t have time to locate a supplier or shop for it
  • I only check my emails semi-regularly, and often miss ‘orders open’ notifications
  • I tend to order the same meat packs or products each time
  • It would make my life easier to have a continual supply of meat in my freezer
  • I’d like a payment plan that will help manage my meat consumption budget
  • I appreciate knowing the dates I can collect my order well in advance
  • I want to know when my next meat order will arrive so I can ensure I have sufficient freezer space


If you answer YES to at least 3 of these statements, we’re pretty certain you’ll love being a CSA member, and you can begin the process here.


However, we recognise that a CSA membership won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Here’s our thoughts on who a membership won’t suit.

  • I’m not fussy about the meat I eat, and prefer getting the cheapest I can find
  • I’m more spontaneous, and like to shop weekly for my meat
  • I really don’t need to know who grows my meat
  • I have very limited or no available freezer space
  • I’m not sure what the future holds, and can’t commit to a 8 month membership
  • I’m not keen to ‘invest’ in a farm (by nurturing a relationship with the farmer and taking on the risks associated with farming)


Even if you select only ONE from this list, we suggest you contact us before committing to a CSA membership.