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Handling Freight: Our New Approach

New Feature: Changes to the Way we Deal with Freight

The reason for re-designing our site is to incorporate a number of improvements after collating 18 months of feedback. One improvement pertains to the freight.

Our goal? To simplify both our customer’s user experience and the administrative process related to freight (also called “shipping” in the new system.)

So, what can you expect?

1. Each customer is now expected to pay the full amount of the freight cost to their chosen collection point.

This means each customer knows up-front their freight cost, and although this cost may seem high, when selecting a collection point that is also shared by other customers, the freight savings will be passed on. (See Point 3).

• The corresponding freight amount for each collection point can be found on our interactive map or in the “Freight” tab on each product page.

• The freight amount is added on the Checkout page under “Shipping” when the collection point is selected from a drop-down list.

2. This freight amount is charged on the initial invoice and is due immediately, along with the 50% deposit required.

3. In the event that two or more customers select the same collection point, the cost of the freight will be shared.

Importantly, this saving on freight will be passed on to each customer in the final invoice.

4. At the time of ordering, each customer will know the exact day, time frame and collection address.

This information is helpful to know up front and will reduce the number of emails about collection you receive from us.

Okay, let’s illustrate this by way of an example.

Let’s say Healthy Hannah orders $400 worth of product and selects Angaston as her collection point. As the freight for Angaston is $40, her initial invoice will look like this:

Total Amount: $440 (On initial invoice)

Amount Due Now: $240 (The deposit of $200 + Angaston’s freight of $40)

Future Payment: $200 (Due when the final invoice is sent)

Now, let’s say that a total of four customers selected Angaston as their collection point. Rather than pocket the additional freight, we at Border Park Organics want all four customers to share in the savings. In this case, Hannah’s final invoice will look like this:

Final Payment: $200 (Adjusted by the final weight of the product, of course)

Less: $30 (The $40 freight cost divided by 4 customers means each customer effectively only pays $10).

We hope this makes sense.

While you may now pay more in terms of freight upfront, you will still effectively pay the same amount of freight as in the past. However, you can anticipate a reduced final bill.

This will make the administrative process far simpler and remove any confusion about what freight costs upfront.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us directly. Your questions are important to us.

All the best,

The McIntosh Family

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