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Final Invoice Amounts: Why they sometimes differ to initial expectations

Why is my final invoice amount so different to my initial estimated amount?

This is a great question, and one that definitely deserves a full response.

Product Details and Weights:

We do our best to provide an estimate of the weight ranges on each of our products (for example: our medium young beef packs are usually 10 – 12kg). However, many times the actual final weights fall outside this average – sometimes being lighter, and sometimes, weighing more!

Unique Livestock:

Unfortunately livestock aren’t a uniform size and their yields vary for a number of reasons (including age and seasonal conditions when they’re processed, and final dressing yield). To make our job even more tricky, we sell packs both by the portion (ie. 1/4 beef) and weight (ie. small 5kg beef). This means we’re definitely ‘guesstimating’ 🙂

The weights we list on our website are a guide for you, and are the best estimates of the average weights that we’ve sold in the past 2 years.

Processing Day:

On the day of processing, the abattoir staff work against the clock to fulfil our specifications and aren’t in a position to confirm weight differences with us.

In the same manner, we cannot confirm your specific weights with you prior to sending out orders (including whether you’d prefer a smaller or larger-weighing pack).

Orders Received and Exact Weights:

By the time we get a record of exact weights, orders have already been processed, weighed and sent via refrigerated transport. This means that often you will note any increase (or decrease) in the final weight of your meat pack well before we are.

Our Promise to You:

Although your meat pack may weigh more (or less) than expected, we have a fair pricing system.

You can be assured that whatever the final weight of your pack, we only charge you for the exact amount of meat you receive.

And you can feel happy knowing you’ve been flexible while working directly with the farmers who produce your food 🙂


We hope this makes sense.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to email us directly. Your questions are important to us.


All the best,

The McIntosh Family

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